Book ONE Enochian Chess (Rosicrucian Chess) of the Golden Dawn

This first volume covers the history of divination games, background to Enochian Chess, and the basics of Golden Dawn theory.

Book THREE Enochian Chess (aka Rosicrucian Chess) of the Golden Dawn. This book gives the Enochian Chess Y1 and Y2 papers from an unpublished handwritten manuscript with label of Moina Mathers' A et O Temple, London. Dated 1930, this was written earlier (some pages are dated 1890's) by MacGregor Mathers and Westcott, founders of the Golden Dawn. The whole of the original Enochian Chess manuscript, plus transcription and commentary, is contained herein. This seems to be the most comprehensive set of Y1 and Y2 papers - Chaturanga and Enochian Chess - and contains differences from previously Israel Regardie accounts. The Sephirotic Transverse dice method seems to have been lost previous to the discovery of these papers.

Book TWO Enochian Chess PRACTICAL - Book Two in a series of Four. This 175 page book covers rules and divination methods &c, and forms a part of the 'Master Enochian Chess' series. CONTENTS include: The Enochian Calls, Enochian Alphabet, The Enochian Tablets, Pyramid Squares Squares and Taro, Associations and Colours, Constructing Chess Boards and Pieces and much more ....

A4 Enochian Chess SET

All four boards and four pieces sets ready to cut out, construct and to consecrate. With basic rules only. Download immediately Or can  Print and Mail to you.

Enochian Chess
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